Welcome back, Jonas Foerts

Welcome back, Jonas Foerts!
The one, the only, the irreplaceable, … Jonas Foerts! You will be seeing a lot of him because this 26-year-old small forward extended his contract for another 2 years!
Jonas’ contribution to the team has been priceless last season. He finds his way easy to the korf (or is it goal? 😉) scoring 12.5 points, grabbing 3 rebounds and handing out 2.5 assists per game.
The impact Jonas has on the team is not only visible on the court, but Jonas is also a huge asset for our youngsters off the court, helping them grow mentally during the season
During the off-season we discovered a new talent from Jonas as a commentator during the World Cup 3×3 in Antwerp, next month he will be back on the court putting in some hard work for our Kangoeroes Basket Mechelen!

📸 Ivan Plettinckx
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